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Mighty Mini Snow Guinea

I designed this plane to fly off snow and water. It was inspired by the Sea Duck. I used the mini guinea wing and attached 2 tail booms with 1806's on the front. I plan on crashing it and rebuilding so that I can hide the wires in the wing 😂. Weighs 280g with a 850 mAh 3s. I also have a 2000 mAh 2s lion I plan to try. On 2s I get about 380g thrust.
Wingtip floats
Add plastic cover to bottom of Hull
Hide wires better

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Maidened today. She tips stalls pretty ferociously. Made a couple of nice landings before crashing and breaking the fuse. I'll make another one and document the process better.

Also made some floats out of the same cheap white foam and covered them in vinyl.

When I fix or remake the fuse I will use this same technique to cover it.

Added an Arduino nano and some sk6812s(rgbw addressable) because of the limitations of neopixels I connected each wing, the tail and fuse to its own pin. I'll have 10 or so on the fuse and a few on the tail 2 on each wing tip.