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Mini B25


Maneuvering With Purpose
So I decided to shrink the @ultramicrobe B-25 to 60%. That gives me a 880 mm* wing that I can power with twin 2204 2300's and a 20 amp ESC. 5045 DAL 3 blade props. Should able to pre-fab this to at least 80-85% done.

Mini B25.jpg

* Edit: Originally listed as 910 mm.
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Hey, cool to see the modifications, will be nice to see how it flies. miniturizing plans is surprisingly hard but the results can be better than the original I find. I did a mini bomber too, but went with a simplified wing profile:


Its also a different plane - quad Lancaster, so I will be keen to see how this one works. Looks strong. I think it is going to rip.