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Mini Cool Ghoul nutball


Junior Member
This Mini Cool Ghoul is a smaller, simpler version of the flitetest cool ghoul. I am using the 17" nutball plans but will not be using the swappable version. I have created the swappable but I do not want to have parts mounted below or a fuselage. I will be using the exact same design but will be using some square poplar to mount a hobbyking AX 2306N 1300kv Brushless Bell Motor. I will hot glue the mount to the top of the wing and will put my electronics on the top of the wing. I have a blue and red light strip coming in from Grayson Hobbies. The way I plan to mount the ghoul is right on the neck with a dab of glue or a thumb tack. This will be mounted to a round toilet paper tube with the led's going around it. The tube will be mounted to The underside of the fuselage about 5-5.5 inches back from the tip of the wing. I will also be attempting to add red glass beads or led's in the eyes and white led's to the hands to light up the ghoul.I will have this project completed in about 4 days as my LED's and props will take 3 days to come in. I got a TINY ghoul from the dollar tree. It is maybe 10-12 inches long and will be relatively small on the plane but if the underside of the plane is pained black it should be fine. This will allow for the plane to be able to still hover on command. As far as controls go, I am just going to use rudder and elevator. With the dihedral in the wing you would barely notice that your not using ailerons. In the picture is the ghoul and just a size comparison to show how small it is compared to the plane. Photo on 10-22-12 at 11.08 PM.jpg Photo on 10-22-12 at 11.10 PM.jpg