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Mini flying wing

Hi all, I was considering building an ultra micro flying wing and had a few questions. First off, how do you get an ESC that is not built into the receiver and does not cost 60$ like the one from HH. Second question, I saw that all the UMX motor use gearboxes, is this necessary? does it effect the performance?
Why do you want a separate ESC? The bricks that have Rx/ESC are pretty light, also you could get one that has servos for your elevons.

My gear box is about a 1:4 reduction, so without the gearbox the prop will be spinning 4 times faster. Also, brushed motors wear out pretty quickly, and gearing down the output seems to extend the life of the motor.

It would seem like a pretty easy task to add a short boom to your wing that would accept a standard gearbox/motor assembly. I think the replacement cost for the one on my plane is around $4.00.

For what it's worth I have a Hisky Buzz which is really just an Ember clone.
Do you have a suggestion for a brick that isint 60$+
What protocol are you looking for? I'm guessing Spektrum (DSMX/DSM2). I'll look around.

Another option is to get a piggy back transmitter that takes a PPM signal from your radio, and transmits with a different protocol. This is how I use my Hisky Buzz with my Flysky radio.


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How big of a wing do you want to build? Will you be buying the parts new? There are lots of options. I recently built a 19" EPP wing with a BL180 brushless motor that I had already but bought a T-motor 6A ESC at ReadyMade RC, which looks like they're only a $1.99 each now!


If you're using Spektrum gear the AR400 receiver is $29 and the case can be removed or there are lots of good third party receivers:


Diversity antennas are better.

Here are specs and a video of my last UM wing: https://tazrc.com/rc-aircraft/hacker-hotwing-500/