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Mini Mustang Flaperons?

I have a scratch built Mini Mustang which flies really well and has taught me a lot.

No surprise, landing speed is fast.

Has anyone experimented with using a flaperon mix on this plane? I will try it when I get out to fly again, but that may be a while. I appreciate any experiences others have had with this setup.



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I don't think I used them on my mini mustang, but I mixed flaperons on the regular sized FT mustang and it made a huge difference. Landing speed was noticeably slower.
Ok, some results! I implemented flaperons connected to the left slider on my HiTec radio. When the ailerons are drooped up to ~70%, roll control is adequate for flight. Beyond that and roll control goes away. With full deployment, no roll control. My left thumb isn't yet smart enough to switch to rudder control for turning in that condition. Landing speed is noticeably slower and there is a little bit of float happening near the ground which is a welcome change. Tip stall is still prevalent, which is the reason for trying this in the first place. If I don't keep a high landing speed, a wing drops and the landing becomes a crash. I broke a prop today due to that, in a situation where everything else about the flight went perfectly. Bummer! I have gone through dozens of props in my short flying career, but to have one break in that way just makes me feel stupid.

I would like to hear from other Mini Mustang flyers on how this works for you.