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Mini mustangs

Yep, they are my favourite plane at the moment. There are so many colour options too, if you want to keep them original. Are yours painted silver or do they have wrap. I have been thinking of wrapping one of mine in the automotive vinyl wrap and see how it goes. They fly great. I'm onto my second one. My first I nose dived into the oval so many times, and rebuilt the nose so many times I thought I should start again. I kept the original wing and built the rest again. But this time put a magnetic hatch on instead of the original one with the tabs. Let us know how the maiden goes.
Will do. I use packing tape and hit it with a little heat from a hair dryer,it shrinks the tape and makes it really rigid.the I scuff it up and paint.
The ripslinger I've built fly's it's self. I love it.