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Mini Sparrow 2204 or 1806

I’ve never built a plane. I be built quadcopters and am familiar with the electronics. My son and I are scratch building the mini sparrow and plan to scratch build a bunch more FT plans. FT recommends an 1806 motor on the Sparrow. I already have/run 2204 2300kv motors on my quadcopter. I’d love to keep to one motor type so I can swap out replacements. It looks like my 2204’s are about 9 grams heavier than the emax 1806.

Can I run these 2204’s on the sparrow? Is it going to mess up the tail weight? Will they fit in the power pod for the sparrow? Thank you so much for this great forum!


Rogue Pilot
Hello, the 2004 will fit the power pod and can be used on the Sparrow. The CG can be tough on the sparrow due to the small fuselage so it may be easier to balance with the 1806. I really like the Sparrow Josh did in the recent Vlog with with the dual Gremlin power pack motors.


Posted a thousand or more times
It should work fine. Enlarge a little bit the front to ger the CG. I just finish drawing plans for a twin sparrow wirh 1306 motors and 4" props. Will start the build afterwards the DR1 and share the plans.