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Mini Telemaster Build

My 15 year old son has been working on a Mini Telemaster for his first balsa build. He has been doing all of the work with a little help in interpenetrating the instructions(text only, no pictures).

It started out a little rough with two left fuselage sides, but after that everything has gone smoothly. He has a little sanding to do yet, servo and linkage installation then it is on to covering. It has been fun watching him learn about building balsa airplanes. We have been talking about a larger father son project next winter.


Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
That's a great flying plane! I found mine needed just a bit of extra nose weight to fly properly, and that the control throws needed were much shorter than expected. The saying is Nothing Flies Like a Telemaster, and I'll agree. It's the best behaved high wing trainer I own.


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Thanks for bringing to light yet another of my unfinished projects! I keep seeing my Mini Telemaster fuselage on a lower shelf that I built only God knows when and kept wondering where the heck the rest of the kit was. After seeing this thread I finally did some digging and found it. The fuse and tail feathers are pretty much done and ready to cover. The wing parts are still in the box unbuilt. I know I stopped because I hate flying R.E.T. and was planning to add ailerons. I'm making good progress on the Telemaster 40 right now. Maybe IF I finish it this time as natural progression I'll move on to finishing the Mini Telemaster. Maybe.........

In any case I'll watch this thread with interest. Somebody always comes up with something really cool during their builds.