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Minnesota Air Spectacular 2012


Minnesota Flyer
Hey all. If you live in the Midwest or near Minnesota, you should try and make it out to Minnesota Air Spectacular in Mankato, Minnesota. I do know there are a few of us Minnesota forum users here. The show will have many great performers. Performers include: The Blue Angels, Black Daggers, Aeroshell Aerobatic team AT-6 texans, Team Oracle's Pitts Special, Julie Clarks Smokin' T-34 Mentor, Dacy/Kazian Wingwalkers, John Mohr and his Stearman Biplane, and Roger Buis and his Schweizer 300C helicopter. There will also be many aircraft on display! I would highly encourage you to go if you can! See you there! :D
Link to the air show website: http://www.mnairspectacular.com/
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