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Minwax before or after build

I am looking at minwaxing my versa wing. Looking at the flitetest minwax video they put it one before the build. My concern is can you still fold the foam after the minwax is applied. Or is better to apply after the build is complete?
Both can be done, but I prefer after build because then you can see exactly how much weight difference it makes, but I'ts just a bit trickier to do.


Senior Member
I think it would depend on the plane you're building. Planes like the Nutball, FT Flyer, and FT Delta where the both sides of the foam board is exposed, it would make sense to apply the minwax before. But with the more fold intensive builds like the FT Versa, or FT Spitfire, it wouldn't make sense to have minwax on the inner surfaces.
That is, unless there is some advantage in doing so. Such as improved strength. And if the added weight were not too great.


creator of virtual planes
Personal opinion: For the FT Versa, Minwax after you build the wing, but before you mount the wing tips and before you mount the motor (if a pusher). It seems like that would be the easiest way.