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Missed the Tutor live build


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I was working late last night and missed the live build. I tried searching around on YouTube but couldn’t find the video. Was it live access only? I know I can just watch the build video, but I prefer the live builds, I think they are great because you get a realistic build process and a more…. conversational(?) format. Usually some good tidbits of the going’s on at FT. Does anyone know where I can find it?

I got on for about 10 minutes around the 3 hour mark, but it was late and I had to head to bed shortly after. I did watch the part about the flurken at the end, which was a cool heads up.

I know there was a design shown for a 3d printable drop module in one of the promo videos. Has anyone seen any info on that?


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@joelspangler thanks! I’m watching it now.
@FTCA Director in reference to the legacy live build, I vote for the marathon over a two part video. I completely understand the logistical issues of running that long so if it’s not feasible, I won’t complain…too much.