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Mixed parts coating and starters and books

Hello fellow flyers.
I came across an estate sale today with a couple really heavy duty starters. I mean big. Biggest I have ever seen. One was smaller and the other looked like a starter for a car rigged up.

They had about 15-20 rolls of ultra coat (sp) I got two for a friend for 3 bucks new. Others were various used states.

A gauge for angles like control surfaces.
I believe to be a prop balancer
And a bunch of very detailed books of a few warbirds
I believe P51, P47 a couple and I I believe a 109 and a 190.
I know the group is small that will read this but... I am heading back there tomorrow to take a look at a few other things. I would be willing to score some books or parts if I can get them really cheap.

Also some magnetic jigs for 90 degrees and other sorts. I may grab it from myself if it's still there.