Modern flight controller to ressurect retired 550 Flamewheel?


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I have a Flamewheel 550 that I built back when that was the big deal, almost a decade ago closer to the dawn of multirotors. Everything is there, I just shelved it for a few reasons, mostly the genre developed so fast that it made this thing a relic. It is equipped with the Wookong M controller with the GPS, telemetry, and power distro modules. The Wookong M flight controller was problematic and was mainly why I never cared to bother with this drone after stuff like the Mavic came along. I experienced problems like uncommanded movements, it would just pitch over and fly into things, and the sketchy map integration never worked well.

I was thinking about scrapping it and throwing the motors and ESCs in the storage totes, or using them on a FPV quad. I have not kept up with the state of flight controllers but I am sure they have evolved and are worlds better and are insanely cheap. If I can update this drone with a new controller it might be worth the trouble. What is on the market currently that would be a good replacement flight controller? Ideally I would like something capable of flying a series of waypoints automatically beyond radio range with return home as needed if batt capacity was low. I would also like to get some real useful range which means updating the FPV gear and TX/RX. I would like to get something like my Inspire II which you can pretty much shove 5 miles out and bring it back. I am not looking to replicate the whole package of the Inspire but replicating it's range carrying an FPV camera would be nice. I have been doing some digging but I thought I would ask in case there is a go-to solution for this.