Modified FT Mini Speedster - 4in extra wingspan; 2in extra H stab; 1in extra Rudder = "Pumpkin Speedster"


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I found that the original FT Mini Speedster was a bit ornery when I flew it and finally crashed it. Not giving up, I printed out another batch of 8x10 plan sheets, joined them, spray glued them to my FT moisture proof foamboard and then added 4 inches to the wingspan; 2 inches to the Horizontal Stab and 1 inch to the V stab. Kept the fuselage the same. Added a tail wheel to the rudder. Shortened the landing gear by 1 inch also. Re-used the same Power Pack motor and servos.
Painted and added my own Jack-O-Lantern/pumpkin stickers to the wing and fuse. Black packing tape and paint placed over the All-in-One Rustoleum orange spray paint. Covered with clear finish afterward to protect the orange paint. (little pilot fit well in the cockpit. Seated him on a piece of foamboard with velcro for easy removal when opening the front hatch area.
Maidened it today on a nice 65-70 degree day with practically no wind here in Winchester, Virginia.
Installed my Tattoo 850 3S battery; checked the C.G.; checked the throws and set it up on the well manicured grass runway. (We mowed yesterday).
Taxied it for a few minutes and then slowly increased the throttle - giving it full elevator - and at half power it slowly lifted off and rose under steady control. Increased to 3/4 throttle, brought it to "3 mistakes high" altitude and proceeded to level it out and give it a few clicks of elevator and right aileron. Flew level at half throttle after adjustments.
Did a few rolls and loops at 3/4 - full throttle and a few figure 8's. Ran it at full throttle for a minute flying around the field. After 5 minutes brought it down into the slight wind and landed it softly. Still had 60 percent battery left.
I didn't know what to expect with these mods but it flew very well with no adverse reactions at low and medium rates.
Conclusion: This is an improvement over the original specs (for me) as I like to fly slowly and enjoy the 1930 barnstormer look of this vintage design airplane.
It can fly, float and fly fast when needed. Highly recommended upgrade. Hope you enjoy the pics.