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Modifying old 72MHz to 2.4GHz with "AnyLink" adapter - or buy modern trans/receiv?


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Modifying old 72MHz to 2.4GHz with "AnyLink" adapter - or buy modern trans/receiv?

I have an old Futaba Skysport 4 from years ago, complete with receiver and batteries that I used with gas models. I am ready to build my first electric (mini sportster) and came across a device that will modify a 72MHz transmitter to a 2.4GHz. Its called the Tactic AnyLink. As I am new to all the miniaturized electronics I am wondering if it's worth modifying my old transmitter and purchasing a new mini receiver. Will this cause more headache than its worth?
I figure after buying this device, a new receiver and any trouble shooting I may encounter would you recommend buying a more modern 2.4GHz transmitter + receiver instead?

I also assume that I should not bother trying to use the old receiver (Futaba) with a mini electric model, too big / heavy?

Would it be possible to purchase a modern "mini" receiver of some sort to use with an un-modded Futaba Skysport 4 @ 72MHz?

Thanks for any and all input

Link to the Tactic AnyLink:


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Depends what you want to do and how much you want to spend. New stuff will probably work better.

For example, for $50 you can get a FlySky i6 and receiver with 6ch 3 mixes failsafe and 20 model memory. It's not the best ever but it's a good value. http://www.banggood.com/FlySky-FS-i...ansmitter-With-FS-iA6B-Receiver-p-983537.html Pick US direct and choose your mode. Mode 2 (throttle and rudder on the left) is normal in the US.

For around $80 you can get a used Spektrum DSMX DX6i (make sure it has an X on the front) and get access to cheap Orange and Lemon receivers.

The SLT anylink can be used with different transmitters and will allow you to fly SLT ready planes so it's not a waste if you want to try it first.

If you have more to spend there are better choices. The sweet value spot is generally in the $150 to $250 range but these are fairly feature rich.
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