Mods to keep my old Storch flying


This is my second Storch. It has been through the ringer the last three years. Great plane. Pilot? Not so much. Lol Last year I cut off what was left of the nose which had been altered severely in several crashes. I down loaded the plans and rebuilt the front end, double walling it to make it more crash damage resistant. One the last flight the motor stopped mid flight. I believe this was from an over heating ESC. I removed that little flap in the nose vent and expanded the hole by about a quarter of an inch. Then I took some scrap foam board and created an air scoop to force air across the ESC in flight. Can't wait to get the plane back up in the air!


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Toothpick glider kid
Doesn't it seem like the more you beat up a plane the better it flies? I know my tank of a mini guinea pig was that way.