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Monster Truck Tractor Pull


I know you guys have been branching out with ground and sea stuff so I figured its time for a "Monster Truck Tractor Pull" challenge. Design a vehicle to pull a bucket of water on a sled over a flat surface that is filled increasingly between rounds. Player is knocked out after he/she has depleted both their pre-charged batteries. Last participant to run out of battery power wins.

-Pre-built, metal or 3D-printed chassis frames (motor mounts are an exception for safety) are BANNED (promote scratch building)
-All participants must use the same pre-determined battery type/size/cap (recommend a 3S/4S of some sort)
-Each participant is given 2 charged batteries to use across ALL the rounds
-Have a maximum vehicle weight set beforehand to prevent torque monsters from winning outright
-Must fit within a 1.5x1.5x1.5 ft box at the START of a pull (deploy-able things like wheels wings and such after "starting" a pull are allowed)
-No rocket motors but you can use any other method of movement (wheels, walker legs, cushion (hover), rails, tracks, propeller...etc)
-Must START a pull while on the ground (;P) and can not "fly"/"float"/"hop"/"hover" higher than 3 ft off the ground
-If there is a "tie" or bucket is filled to max without a defined winner, participants will duel against each other to see which vehicle is the best with fresh batteries.

Extra Challenge: Someone could make an actual weight/resistance sled thing so it is not just some fixed amount weight if possible although it may be a challenge to design.