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Mooney scratch buil... Im new somone help me


Junior Member
So im new to the hobby and i love mooney's. I want to scratch build one but i have never scratch built before can somone help? Thanks :)


Flite is good
Welcome to the forums.

Before I share the link, if you are new to scratch building, I suggest you start with one of the FT models so that you can watch the build videos. This will help you get familiar with many of the techniques that these "after market" plans expect you to have mastered. As for which model to start with, I recommend the three pack or the FT Old Fogey. Others here will undoubtedly recommend the FT Tiny Trainer (I just don't feel comfortable recommending it because I have not tried it myself). It is a popular plane and many sing its praises.

This link will get you to some Mooney plans.
I have no experience with this build. You might think about contacting the original poster of that thread with any questions.

Good luck and keep us posted.