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More Drones Challenge! :D

Hello there! :D

I've had this idea for a while now.. But here it is! You (and me) are being challenged here.. How many drones can You fly at the same time?? :)

Anyone can have a go at it.. And so will I :)

Here are the rules of engagement:
+ you have to fly them with ONE radio.
+ you have to fly them for at least 15 seconds.
+ the multi-rotors can not be physically attached to eachother.
+ the multi-rotors can't have GPS

Here is my kick-off video for this series.. The series itself might continue for Years actually ;)

Update time for the More Drones project! :D And no.. this will not be easy.. Not by a long shot :p
BUT! I did succeed in this video flying 2 quads for over 15 seconds! :D

Here is a link to the quads I used in this video:
XK X250