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More power

Hello fellow flyers, new to this forum. I recently purchased the Alpha Jet from the Stem series. The power pack I'm running is: 3 cell 850 Lipo, 30 amp esc, flight test 2205-2300kv out runner, 6 x 4.5 prop. How do I get more power w/least amount of weight gain ?


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I would buy a better ESC to run 4s. The 30A will get much hotter than it does now.
Nobody looks for moar powaaah then doesn’t run at full throttle!


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Just a quick note, on 4s with a 5x4.5 bullnose prop I am pulling 31 amps on a static test. Really should have a 35 or 40amp esc. That said, get the esc in a place it gets tons of airflow ie on the outside of the plane. If the esc heats up to far it will reset midair, possibly causing loss of motor, or in worst case rebooting the rx.