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More winnings to spend!!!!

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
Well i got 105 dollars to spend on a tx rx to put in a nine eagles sky climber when i get it im thinking the
turnigy 9 ch from HK....any other suggestions???


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
I am not as familiar with the T9, I am rather used to the Spektrum line. I like the DX6i as an entry level radio.

New ones aren't too bad priced, and you can pick up used ones at rather good deals.

And HK DSM compatible rx's are very reasonably priced.

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
Ahhh the thought of a spectrum is a warm thought flyingmonkey but i don't know if £70 quid will even cover a second hand
one the review on FT showed that the turnigy had one or two issues but i think that's always the way with oriental language
and english....also i am probably only ever going to use six channels max....i will trawl ebay and see what the spectrum's sell at


I use the Turnigy 9x and am happy with it, for the price. The issues I have had are as follows:
1. It is my first programmable tx. The documentation showing how to program the many functions is poor. However, there are plenty of YouTube videos to help.
2. The battery connector that plugs into the tx can come loose. I think that may have led to one crash, but couldn't confirm.

Other than that, I am quite pleased.

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
Well I had a good trawl through you tube yesterday and read a few reviews etc etc.
I have decided to go with the turnigy, because for the money you cant go wrong I will whip the back off and check all connections
because loads of issues seem to be with quality control at the factory....This will also leave me enough cash to get a lipo so i donthave to keep a constant supply of AAs
I have a Dx6i and would recommend it as a entry level radio, however the T9X does look well priced. The only problem is that it costs $23 to ship. You can get the same radio here if you don't like waiting. Its £14 more but you get the c support in the UK. They also have great deals on other stuff.

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
Thanks u chaps...am now just waiting on delivery from Germany....have checked out loads of reviews and i reckon I
can live with the problems so the turnigy 9x it is...will let you know how i get on