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Most cost effective 8x4 props?


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Sorry if this has been discussed, I tried to search but this forum is huge. I'm a noob so this is in reference to the beginner speed build kits which I've been using as templates.

It turns out that prop savers can't save props from straight nose dives. What's the most cost-effective prop setup you've used? Since this is for the standard FT beginner setup they're 8x4 props.

  1. Generally: better to use sturdier props or lots of cheaper props?
  2. Any specific 8x4 prop recommendations?

Basically, in two flight sessions I went through all four props that I bought. Naturally this my thumbs' fault, but I do wonder if a more durable prop would hold up better, or if I should just try to find the best deal on cheap props that I can find until I get over being awful.

At this point I'm writing propellers off as an educational expense. That said it's a cost I'd like to minimize.



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Hi hansdude,

Welcome to the forum! If you tend to crash a lot (like me) then you might want to invest in a V929 RTF quadcopter. It is very good at teaching you how to fly multicopters. It can take lots of crashes without requiring repair and you'll learn quite quickly with it. I am convinced that if you are on a budget then this is the best educational investment you will make.

If you already have a 9X transmitter:


If you don't have a 9X transmitter:


That's my advice - sorry for not replying to your question...

Well, here I go anyway. If you are not going to carry any expensive stuff (GoPro, FPV) then buy a bunch of cheap propellers. But if you got expensive gear on it (which you shouldn't if you are just learning to fly) then you should put quality propellers on it.

Best of luck!


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Thanks colorex.

I've been trying to get better at flying the basic fixed-wing swappables. Can I take that as a recommendation to try multicopters first?

P.S. Turnigy 9X + Open Source Firmware mod = awesome


NO NO NO! Stay away from those silly multi-rotors. Colorex has bowling alleys on this brain, anyway. Ha ha.

My favorite 8x4 props are APC 8x4e. What country do you live in? I can post a couple of links to online vendors for you.
Welcome to the forum!


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In terms of cost/performance I use these:
They are a bit forgiving when it comes to prop strikes as the plastic is a bit softer. They come fairly well balanced but that is something you should always check anyway. The centering rings are pretty worthless. They are too loose so I use my left over APC centering rings. Usually when a prop breaks the rings are still good so I save them. I have the same style prop but at 8x6 but the plane goes close to 100MPH. It sounds more like a larger prop and not a little whip cracking at the air. Its a belly lander and I am still on the first prop after a couple dozen flights. Last is the cost. at $1 a prop its hard to beat.

I've tried the HK APC-style props and they are trash. Far too brittle and very off balance comparatively speaking.
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I'm partial to master airscrew props.

Anyway, think of this- Now the issue is breaking props. So you add a stronger prop. Now you start to break motor shafts. So you add stronger motors. Then you go back to breaking props, or maybe motor mounts.. see where this is going?

Education is always the answer. Maybe its best to stick with the cheapie props until you get the flying part down.


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Colorex saw 8x4 and instantly thought multirotors. That's ok, so did I when I read the title. Honest mistake, we tend to break three or four at a time when we crash.

earthsciteach is right, those are great props. More durable than most. Not the most economic choice, but worth the money.


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Thanks colorex.

I've been trying to get better at flying the basic fixed-wing swappables. Can I take that as a recommendation to try multicopters first?

P.S. Turnigy 9X + Open Source Firmware mod = awesome
Whoops... my bad D: I was thinking multirotors as they said...

I should pay more attention to reading before answering.

As earthsciteach said I throw my vote in for the 8x4e props, they look really nice and are well molded. The only problem I see with those is that they may break your shaft instead, like aiidanwings said.
I used to chew up lots of cheap, soft props on my swappables until I got a firm good one. Now the prop saver can do its work without the prop breaking. Any hard plastic will do, typically < $3 on HK. Oh, and I never broke or bent any shafts, the prop saver is also a motor saver, as it turns out.
Thanks for all the great replies. I'm in California, USA.

I had been using GWS slow fly props and they broke like candy. I feel like a 3 foot fall shouldn't justify a broken prop for an FT Flyer, no matter what the angle. I also had to grind out the center to get them to fit on the prop saver. Anybody have experience with GWS direct drives?

I think I'm going to bite the bullet and do a HK international warehouse order. I hate waiting forever but oh well. At a buck a piece I'm going to the try the APCs and the JXFs. Other suggestions are still welcome of course.

I wish HK had more variety at the U.S. warehouse. I really like the turn-around and the shipping costs are much better but they're missing some really critical stuff.

earscitech: For cost-effectiveness the genuine APC props would have to break two to three times less often. Think they're up to it? :p

tramsgar: That's what I was hoping to hear :). Is there one in particular that solved the problem for you?