Most plane design videos are five years old or more?


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No, you are correct, I would agree that most of the planes are more than 5 years old. I’ve not counted the but my guess is they have released 5-10 planes per year for the past 15 or so years. If you continue the same pace, it’s inevitable that “most” of your planes are more than 5 years old.

It’s just a fact of life. That says more about how long FT has been here than anything else.
If you want more planes, take a look at the Plans Section of the forums. Lots of great ideas. As Litter Bug said, there is plenty of room for you to add your plans.
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I guess I’m talking about the quick build kits. Don’t know if I’m up to scratch build yet. I enjoyed building the Master Corsair. Thanks for your information, it was helpful. I didn’t know about the plan section.