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Motor and LiPo Hot

Yesterday was my first successful flight. I was flying the Old Fogey. The flight only lasted about 3 minutes then the battery seem to lose power. When I took the plane into the garage I noticed the motor was pretty warm (I could still touch it) and my LiPo was pretty swollen and warm to the touch as well. I am guess it is unsafe to use now.
Was it just a bad battery?
I know that this is a pretty common topic but I have done alot of research and learning as I can but is there a compatibility issue with my Motor, ESC, and battery?

Here is my setup:
• Motor - HexTronik 24gram Brushless Outrunner 1500kv Motor
• Prop - 8x3.8 SF Slow Flyer Prop
• ESC - Hobbyking SS Series 18-20A Brushless Speed Control
• Battery - Supper Tigre 640mAh 11.1V 15C 7Wh LiPo battery
• Charger - Traxxas LiPo 2/3 Cell Balance AC Charger [TRA2935]

Here is my math:
11.1 x 9 = 99.9

Continuous AMP draw = (1350 Mah * 0.001) * 20c OR 9.6 AMPS Continuous

My ESC is 18-20A but I imaging at most I am busrting 12A

If my math is right these should work fine together, right?
Should I go with a bigger motor that I can use on bigger future builds?
How much thrust should I be getting from this setup or how can I calculate that?
I am learning as much as I can about the electronics and I think their might be something I may be over looking in the recipe here do to lack of knowledge and experience. The motor and the battery have both had a couple minor crashes. I had the batter inside the power pod so it was pretty protected. Again any advise or education on anything involving this would be very appreciated.

Thanks community and thanks Flight Test!
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Another thing that might give you problem is if you have got any glue on the motor shaft. There is normally something rotating behind the motor towards the motor "firewall". I normally drill a 1/2" hole in the center of the firewall to make sure everything is rotating without problems. But as teach says - do not run your battery fully empty.


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Sounds like there is too much load on the motor. Normally caused by overpropping but could also be caused by friction as pgerts said. Check that your motor is spinning freely.