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Motor for the Mighty Mini Scout


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Hello, I'm about to buy the Mini Scout speeedbuild kit for getting into the hobby and I would like to save some money. So I found this motor on banggood: Racerstar BR1806 which looks equivalent to the one on the Flite Test shop (and it has 5 stars on the website). Does it fits on the motor mount in the kit please ?

Banggood link: https://www.banggood.com/Racerstar-...y=USA&rmmds=search&ID=521310&cur_warehouse=CN

Thank you for your answer.
yes those motors will work but the offset of the motor mounting screws is 12x12mm. the FT firewall is a 16x19mm. you can either build your own from balsa or if you PM me your address i will 3D print one that i have designed for that motor and send it to you.

one easy way to know which motor you want, "red" cap motors are for tractors (CW) and the "black" caps are for pushers (CCW).


me :cool: