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Help! Motor Issues outside of betaflight

Hello everyone. I am new to FPV and getting back into RC after a few years off. I know a little but not a ton.
The question:
I have a Moskito 70 and after a small bump I flew it back to me and landed. After charging the battery back up, I hooked everything up and tried to take off. The quad rolled weird and I disarmed. After take a look, I found that one of the motors is shuddering and not spinning with the others. I plugged it into betaflight and the motor works fine. It responds to the slider as you would expected. I read something that said to update the esc firmware in BLHeli so I did that as well.
Bottom line, I have no idea what is wrong. The quad motor spins up in betaflight but not under regular flight.

Thank you for any help you are able to provide. If there is any other information I should post, please let me know.


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Does it do the same in Level and Acro modes? Does the motor spin true by hand? The shafts on those little motors bend easily and one not responding makes the quad spin out. Also try recalibration of the gyro, put the quad on something flat and plug in to BF, then reset it.
Its also possible the ESC or gyro is not working right, if that’s the case then you will have to replace the whole board, as they are integrated. Hopefully it’s not that, the reason the motor works in BF and not on the quad is that the slider in BF works without the PID loop from the gyro. When you just operate the slider it can spin, because you are just sending a direct signal through the ESC, when it is looking for gyro data from the FC then it doesn’t work.
Also be sure that you have backed everything up in BF, use diff_all in the CLI window and save the dump on the screen as a .txt file, the bottom right corner of the screen has a button for that. Also do the same from the main screen. That way if you have to mess with the board you have the original set up backed up.
Well, it looked like it was going to work after a calibration but it ended up not working. Same issue. It also does the same thing in each mode. I have also backed everything just in case :) Thanks!

So, are we looking at a new board? I am not sure I can find one since it is so old...


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A new F4 brushless board is about $40. You could just replace it with a newer micro, there’s tons of toothpick class builds around right now.
It might be something else. Try plugging a different motor into that channel and see if the behaviour repeats.
To see if it stays with the channel or stays with the motor? Do I just solder them in place of one another on the board?
Also, would someone be able to provide some search criteria for a new FC?
Thank you very much. You have been extremely helpful :)
Thanks again for the help. I contacted FuriousFPV and they helped me out. Turns out a wire between the motor and ESC had disconnected. I would love to know why it was able to run in betaflight with a missing wire. I want to understand as much as possible about all of this stuff.