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Motor mounts! 1 piece billit and Powdercoated

Tim Hoyer

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These mounts fit a variety of Parkzone planes, and range from the Stock replacement, Turnigy 3536, 3542 and 3548. I sell them for $14 shipped. I also have them listed on Ebay for slightly more ONLY becasue of the fees. I ship for free in the USA, and feel free to ask ANY questions!


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This is a cool mount!

CNC machined I assume?
Does it also fit motor if you reverse the mount so the motor sits recessed?

On a pusher like my Skywalker I do not want to shift weight rearward, using a mount like this would set motor back even further.

Tim Hoyer

Watch This!!!!!
Efltie T34

Stock mounts for all and I have all the Turnigy motors to fit as well.

Tim Hoyer

Watch This!!!!!
As a matter of fact, the best mount IS the 3542 mount with a reversed shaft for the P47.

Custom machine work is always available to Flit Test folks. PM me for additional info on that one though :D


More combat please...
can you make a mount for a Supercub?
If Tim has one- it'll be great.

There is an excellent motor mount for the HZ Supercub on the market made by Custom RC Parts.
It can be ordered directly from them www.customrcparts.com
Heads Up RC also stocks them www.headsuprc.com

Not trying to steer anyone away from Tim, just trying to let you know that there is an existing solution out there already. I have the Custom RC mount in my HZ Supercub. Works great.