Motor Mounts for David's RCExplorer Tricopter plans


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I have built a couple of the RCExplorer tricopters and I really like the design. I made a few motor mounts that are compatible with his design to make it quicker and easier for the build. They also work on a DJI Flamewheel f450 or clone if you want to do a quick motor swap.

These are laser cut Delrin with a countersunk done with a CNC router.

The bolt pattern is the very typical 19mm x 16mm spacing.

David's v2.5 build on FliteTest

David's updated version on his own blocg

- 2 standard "Breakaway" motor mounts
- 1 yaw adapter "Breakaway" adapter
- 12 M3 flat head stainless steel screws, plus 2 extra
- free shipping via First Class Mail (lower 48 USA only)
- International shipping add $5 USD

FYI - this is my hobby on the side and not my "real" job. I did purchase the URL in the photos but it is not up and running yet.

CarbonQuads-Delrin-Tri-Set-6.jpg CarbonQuads-Delrin-Tri-Set-7.jpg CarbonQuads-Delrin-Tri-Set-4.jpg CarbonQuads-Delrin-Tri-Set-5.jpg CarbonQuads-Delrin-Tri-Set-1.jpg CarbonQuads-Delrin-Tri-Set-2.jpg CarbonQuads-Delrin-Tri-Set-3.jpg


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Just want to chip in and say that these work great, and very well made requiring no extra finishing and were shipped neatly and very quickly to the uk!
Yaw plate adapter;

Motor Mount: