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Motor not responding...


Gravity need not apply
Hi guys! :) I'm here because my motor (Flite Test Power Pack A, Emax MT 1806) is not responding, even at full throttle. :confused: I tried to calibrate my ESC multiple times, but it didn't work. My ESC is the Flite Test Power Pack A ESC (BL Heli - 12 amp). I watched "Connecting Electronics" multiple times, but I couldn't find a solution. I'm really confused, and I don't know what to do.:confused: Thanks for any ideas and help!:) -- Gh0st

EDIT: By the way, I'm new here, but I have been into model airplanes for 2 months or so.
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Gravity need not apply
I'm pretty sure the Tx and Rx are bound right...I have a Spektrum DXe and I did it the way Josh did in the video. I'm not sure if I can control a servo, I'll check.

EDIT: I redid the binding, and I noticed that the motor twitched a little...what does THIS mean?!:confused:
EDIT #2: I redid the binding again, just to be sure and my Tx low beeped 2 times. Hunh?!:confused:
Also, is there a "reset to factory default" button on the Tx and Rx? That might help me.
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Did you calibrate your ESC?

TLDW; Before connecting the battery give full throttle, connect the battery wait a moment and move the throttle to zero. You should get some kind of confirmation beep after that.

The "twitching" is probably from the motor being used to generate that "beep".