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Motor size? Diatone 1105 5500 vs Emax RS 1106 II 6000kv


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After reading many things about choosing the right motor, I've narrowed it down to these two options (basically the two things I could find in stock).

Building on a HGLRC Sector132 frame with a MICRO LUX V3 F4 stack. Battery 450 and 650 (3S-4S), and will have an Insta360 GO. Haven't done the full weight and calculated the thrust - pretty sure either will get the thing in the air.

My thought was the 1105 may be better for "cinematic" flight, and the 1106 may give a bit of speed and ability for acro? Thoughts?


Does this mean it won't perform well with a 4S battery? *RS1106 6000KV is a versatile upgrade motor for 2s-3s and well suited for those wishing to spin heavier 4 blade or 5 blade propellers.

*My first thought was to use the 1105 and I see now 6000kv would be too high for the 4S - always helps to read a little more!
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My tinyhawk freestyle runs 1103 7000kv motors on 2s and it can spin a 2.5 inch prop just fine. Considering you have a larger motor, you should be fine. 1106 might be better though.