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I am thinking of building a electric motor test stand to see what power a certain prop/motor/ecs combo produces. Can anyone give me a list of parts I would need to do this? I checked the forums but could not find a guide. Maybe I'm wording it wrong.


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...Can anyone give me a list of parts I would need to do this?...
The list of materials is going to depend on what you want to do.
To test thrust, you will need a scale & something to hold the motor. I'm thinking, a board with a hinge. attach the hinge to a table in such a way that the is vertical and can freely move right to left. Then attach the motor to the board, with the motor pulling right of left. Attach a scale to the board, zero the scale, turn the motor on & read how much lift the motor is pulling. Be sure to stand somewhere behind the motor.

Some optional but useful information would be a watt meter, a thermometer & an RPM meter. With these you can see how many watts the setup is pulling, if anything is getting too hot & the actual RPM's vs the rated RPM's, that is the Kv. You might find some setups are more efficient than others, that is producing more grams of thrust per watt. Higher efficiency would imply longer flight time.
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Thanks Merv, I apreciate your input. I did also find some videos on youtube that pointed me in the right direction.