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Motors, Battery, ESC, BEC, Prop....Learning the ropes

Todd K

Junior Member

I'm new to all this but I'm am addicted already. I've built three planes with not much flying time. Im looking for a good tutorial how to read and understand motor, battery, ESC specs, and what prop can be used with which. I'm more interested in scratch built than going out and buying a RTF.

Thx for any help

Todd from CT


Never catch a multirotor
Hmm like your thoughts on the scratch builds .. where to begin ..
This forum and : http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/index.php

And some youtube channels to study:

And off course, when you have specific questions, we at this forum are most willing to help you.
What do you want to know ?


Full Circle
Congratulations on finding the hobby! I started similarly started with scratchbuilds, although I am still very much a beginner. Do you know why those planes that you built before did not fly much? Was it due to wrong electronics and materials or pilot error? Perhaps we can start there. After all, each incomplete flight is a lesson.