Mountain Home AFB Air Show Sept.20-21-2014


Hey guys! I'm going to the air show here in Mountain Home Idaho here is a link.

Is any one else going?

Does anyone want me to post pics of anything in particular?They list the aircraft they will have on static display.

I will either Saturday or Sunday I haven't decided yet. Then I will post all the pics I get. My photog skills aren't the best. I will get some video as well.


Hey guys I made a slideshow of what I saw today, there is no music. There is some videos in there too! And R/Cs! I'm going back tomorrow and will get more coverage.

MT Alex

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Dang, I'm so jealous! I went and watched the Thunderbirds this summer, but was disappointed, there were only two static aircraft, a C-130 and an F-15 from the Gunfighters. The last two shows I went to were much more impressive, but nothing like what you posted. I may have to make a trip South the next time you guys have another.

Thanks for posting!


Sadly.. well not really.. but i didn't get a chance to head over from Boise. Instead i went to Swan Falls and had a blast catching some very nice bass.