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Mounting Fat Shark Camera to F450


Junior Member
Hi All,

Has anyone any experience in mounting the Fast Shark 600TVL Camera to an F450? (photos would be great!)

Also I fly with Naza voltage protection turned off and a LIPO Alarm set to go off at 3.6v, this is connected via the balance connector. Now my balance connector is going to be used to power the Fat Shark TX. Is there anything I can do to still keep my LIPO Alarm connected short of running the FatShark TX from a separate battery?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member


Junior Member
Thanks for the advice Dan. I've opted for a small lipo to power the fatsharks and free up my balance connector for the lipo alarm.

Also, to mount the camera I've ordered some polymorph (mouldable plastic) to make a sort of housing for the camera that can be bolted to the f450 front plate.