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MR3-mk1.x / My New Tricopter - Photo Log


Rotor Riot!
MR3 - MultiRotor 3 (3 Rotors, tricopter)
mk1 - Mark I (first version)
.x - Experimental

I'll post mostly photos here, without so much talk, to make it a bit different than the usual build logs. I will answer your questions, and add details where needed.

Feel free to comment!


Rotor Riot!

Folded to mark the centerline and get the wood grain in the right direction.


Love the detail in the transfers.

Saw outside the lines, then sand the excess off for a better finish.

Or use a sharp hobby knife to cut most of the excess off first.

Cut out of the grain.

On with the next one. Sanding comes first.

Get rid of all these imperfections.


I'm not saying you can't saw directly on the lines, but if you make a mistake, it's staying there.

Tape the two plates together.

I'll put the esc's between these two plates, and the KK and Rx on the top.

Make a guide hole.

That's what I've got so far. Now I'll get the holes sanded down nicely and test fit the screws.


Rotor Riot!
I'm wondering if heat will work the same as the thinner. In that case, heat is better than thinner for my lungs.


Rotor Riot!
More stuff:

Screws with first nut

Second nut

Top plate and top screws tightened by hand.

Fastening middle nuts towards the uppermost ones. Not in the picture, but I used a piece of the aluminum tube for the arm as a distance to get the two plates level.

Planned electronics position

I think this is better

I can use aluminum tubes to mount more gear, just need to figure out a way to fasten them.