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Much needed scratch build tip


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I believe that it would be an excellent idea to produce an episode of Flitetest detailing methods of transfering plans from a pdf file to a piece of Dollar Tree foam board. It is my opinion that there are many viewers who want to get into scratch building who are intimidated by lacking knowledge of how to get from having plans on a pdf file to having plans drawn out on a piece of foam. I feel like this is a very important piece of information that the community is lacking.


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There is already a long thread with people sharing their knowledge on how they prefer to do this.
my particluar method is to print them out, either in one biog sheet from a printers, or on A4 sheets and just tape them together. once i have them all taped together i tape them down to the foam, i then trace around the plans and make little marks when there are things like score cuts or fold lines that need to be done. i then remove the plans and connect my dots. if you're building something like the FT Bloody wonder, (which is an awesome plane by the way) you're in luck, cause all the lines are straight. so once you've taped your planes to your foam you can really just mark the corners, then remove your stuck on plans and connect the dots

Have you tried any methods? does anything work or not work for you?

welcome to the forum by the way :)


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I have not tried anything yet. I am getting ready for my first scratch build now. where could i purchase a printer capable of printing full size plans?
I print the plans on Paper then I use Super 777 and glue the patern onto posterboard. I then take clear packing tape and cover the entire patterns then cut them out. What I am left with is a very durable, plyable and reuseable patterns for my builds. You simply tape the laminated patterns onto the dollar tree foam board and trace them then cut them out with the method of your choice.


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blackbeltrrf...that's a pretty good idea! my taped paper plans don't look like they'll last that long lying around somewhere where they take up too much space and get crunched or torn by accident.

as for where to print off on one piece, I heard that local blueprint printers for architects could print out these plans for cheaper, or you can always go to a staples, office depot, etc and pay more but get the same result.

for me I've just been printing out A4 plans on 8.5"x11" paper cutting the upper border and left border and taping them all together before cutting them out and tracing onto the DTFB


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i'm thinking of checking with the sign printing store here in town.... if they could make me a set of plans that would peel and stick that would be awesome.
You should be able to print to a laser printer. I have no problems with it here and my laser printer is 8 years old.
When you print, use your printer preferences before actually printing. There is a setting for "POSTER" which will take the one huge image and print it out to several pages that you can then tape together to form one big sheet. Then just cut out the parts that are now actual size.

Remember to look for "POSTER" before sending to the printer. Good luck.