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Multi ESC Question.

I am building the V-Tail version of the Batbone and have one question I cannot find an answer to. I have built quads in the past but I'm still confused about one thing.

Do you have to flash ESCs for a quad? Specifically, I'm using Turnigy Plush 30A ESCs, NTM 28-26 motors and a KK2 board. Can someone please explain flashing ESCs for me. Or maybe give me a link to a video that explains it. What are the benefits of flashing them, what are the risks if you don't flash them? What is a good place to get the software (is it even software?) and so on. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Also, do you need to remove one of the wires going to the board from the ESC on a quad like you do for a multi engine plane. I would assume you do not because they are going to the control board?
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Im no expert but with the KK2 board you plug in the ESCs and right after you plug in the battery you hold down the two outside buttons of the KK2. it will then say "Calibrating ESC's".

The nice thing about the KK2 is that it is set up to only take power from the #1 motor position. the others have that conection cut at the board. This means you do not have to remove the power wire from the other ESC's.