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Multiplex EasyStar II


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Looks like Multiplex updated their popular EasyStar model.


New features include a brushless motor, folding prop and pre-made ailerons and a big battery compartment.

Check the rest of the info here.

If the kit price is about the same as the price of the mk1 kit, I'm seriously considering getting this instead of a Bixler (sorry Josh!) to replace my aging/dying Wildhawk! :)

Oh and a little propaganda video:


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Now that was the most unnnecessary thing that Multiplex could ever come up with!
This is just a copy of the version which evereyone already has! I mean for nearly everyone who has/had the ES for a while ailerons and a brushless motor were added. Even my little brother did that when he got the ES (which I learnt flying with).

To be honest this is just another Version of the Bixler! The stuff different from the Bixler you can buy from HK and you would be by far under the price of MPX (which is generally quite high!)

(my 2 cents to this :D )
They also made the horizontal stab removable so that you can easily store it in the box. the folding prop is a good idea, Bixler people should test and see if the glide is better.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Yeah but what is special about a folding prop? Everyone can get one for a couple bucks.

And why on earth do you ever need removable elevator?
After 2 crash the elevator won´t be hold in place porperly any more and there you have your elevator! You will have to glue it in and then you that big piece of plastic which is just extra weight on the tail of the plane.

Thats just my opinion but that is what I think of it and why I won´t buy it. Actually the first one or the Bixler are the way to go for me, if I would be in a situation of buying one of them.

Tom O'Connell

Bixler FPV Mods Fantastic
now to be fair on multiplex at least they did update the ES into the 21st century. The other version was getting old and very outdated, but anas you're right, most people did upgrade it. To be honest ive only seen people buy the kit recently and put all of their own stuff into it


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Agreed- Long overdue for an update and the update really is a worthwhile thing to do. Multiplex is on the right track but for the money I personally would go for the Bixler in this style of plane. The extra money you are gonna pay for the Multiplex name isn't buying you anything in performance or functionality. Is the EasyStar a good plane? Answer yes. But so is the the Bixler (as near as I can tell, I don't own one)


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ES was the original and all the others are copies with improvements. I have seen some copies with wery bad quality.
It is right that MPX are late with the improvement everybody has made the last years but the MPX way to do it is normally most geious. I will certainly have a look at the new model. The possibility to easy remove the stab is really something good for transportation in small cars and on the back, up slopes with narrow trails.

The plane is not available yet and the home page does not indicate any price.
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