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Multiplex Fun Cub


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This forum covers quite a few beginner airplanes and I have seen that the Multiplex Fun Cub is not covered which is a shame. I will not be able to do a build thread on it because I built mine a while back but I will answer any questions you may have.

I chose not to buy the Multiplex power kit as it was way too expensive. Here is my HobbyKing power setup:

Motor : Turnigy SK3 3542 1000Kv (replaced Turnigy 35-42D 1000Kv that encountered a shaft bend due to an unbalanced prop)
ESC : Turnigy Trust 55A SBEC
Servos : Turnigy 1800A for the ailerons/flaps and Turnigy 380MG for the aileron and rudder
Batteries : Zippy flightmax 2100mAh 3S 35C, Turnigy 2450mAh 3S 30C (my favorite), Turnigy 1600mAh 3S 30C

With this setup, the CG is a little forward. For the first flights, I added a few bolts at the tail to make it centered as per the manual but later removed them for a more "aggressive" setup.

As for the props, the default Multiplex kit is 13x4. I started with it and it makes flying really simple. It slows down very effectively, doesn't pick too much "unexpected" speed but no good for aerobatics. Later switched to a 12x6 which allows it to pick up more speed and do aerobatics. Flaps should be assembled but are not a must for flight especially with the 13x4 prop. I have seen people with 12x8 props on this airplane but I don't know what the rest of their setup was.

The good thing with this plane is that it can do just about everything a beginner/intermediate pilot will want to do. The bad thing is that it's a bit more expensive then a HobbyKing kit but it is worth it when you begin and don't understand all the mods required for many HK aircraft.

I have bought floats for it but they took 1 month to arrive and now Zurich lake is wayyy to cold to risk taking a dip. I am waiting until the snow comes as I have been told they perform really well on snow. Mounting the floats does not look so simple as you need to drill small holes. Will look into it as snow may be on the way soon !

I have installed lights on mine to do some night flying and it works great ! They were not glued on the surface of the airplane but velcroed. This allows me to keep the option of having a not too bad looking plane at day.


So this is my take on the Multiplex Funcub and if you have any questions, go ahead !
We carry the Funcub and a custom CNC, aluminum motor mount to seamlessly add our motors. Our 2820-06 and a 40a esc are a killer combo for a 3s on an 11x5 apc or on a 50a esc with a 4s swinging a 10x7 apc. You are correct, this is an awesome plane.

And to answer the above question, the plane rocks and the landing gear sucks. It's made out of the same metal as the thing that holds your loaf of bread together. There are 101 mods out there.


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OOOHHH! Nice led strips! One questions though, why are your wheels tildet outwards?
As Pilot Scott said, the landing gear is not very good so it tends to bend as shown in the photo. You can bend it back into place and it will stay for a few flights. If you fly on "soft" terrain such as sand or regular dirt, it's not much of a problem. But if you fly in a rocky field, you will break props and that hurts when they cost 10 Swiss Francs.

I have seen mods that replicate the bungee struts on the real one but don't have the tools to solder currently. I just bend it back into place every now and then.

I have a friend that uses a 11x5.5 folding prop and his Fun cub flies great as well and he's not breaking any props. But the problem with the folding prop is that it will stop if you go too slowly and take 1 second or so to power up again due to ESC soft start. One thing to watch out for that can be a bit tricky on final to land.

That's one crazy thing about this plane, I have not seen two people with the same setup and they're all happy with it. Some websites even review this plane with a 42xx size engine ! That's a bit too much if you ask me :p
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I have seen two of these planes in action and I asked both pilots about it.

Both were very happy with it. Building; not an issue.... Flying; Not an issue....; Other properties like upgrade abilities: not a problem either...

So this plane covers pretty much everything you want and for a normal grass strip the landing gear is more then fine to land with they told me.

You can also put some Flaps on it and it will really slow. A very good Trainer in my eyes.


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Everything about the MPLX planes are finely built - except the landing gear struts. I have an old beat up 2nd hand Acromaster and it was ever so "bouncy" on landings, costing me a few props :( I strapped a piece of rubber band between the wheels and it seems to work great.

2 days away from going from from my M.East hitch!! And can't wait to start building my Fun Cup.


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I'm resurrecting this old thread to garner interest in, and tell everyone I ordered my Fun Cub yesterday! I also ordered the power system and a bunch of LED lights strips from HobbyKing.