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Multiplex Twinstar brought back to life

@ StoneKap:

I just wanted to share with you a project that has taken my interest in flying to a new level.
For about 6-7 years now, i've had an old Twinstar lying around in it's original brushed version, with some damages and missing parts.
I got it with some other used Rc parts back then, and never could throw it away. And this was back before I discovered Brushless setups.
After discovering your channel on Youtube and subscribing, I got a new hope and motivation for rebuilding mine.

So, with some help from your thread on the setup, I ordered some parts from Hobbyking and got to it.

I'm running 2-Plush 30 ESC's,
2-D4023-850 motors,
New servos except the ailerons (they are working fine, and slow enough to get stabile video)
9x6 SF props
NanoTech 3s-2200Mah battery.
SkyRC GPS Meter

Now I've flown a couple times before, and some simulators earlier. But just this january I got my first ARF plane.
Started off with the Hobbyking Spad, and then the Wilga 2000.
BUT!! When I got the Twinstar in the air for the first time, I could not stop grinning, even though my hands were shaking the whole time. :)
It is an awsome flying machine, and even better platform for my GoPro!!
I've flown it 8-10 times now, and I am really getting a feel for it.

So. i just wanted to thank you for the inspiration and posting helpful setup :)

I want to post a video i made last week, that shows some nice video of my hometown @ 384 meters.
PLEASE NOTE: I have some issues with the video editor (or my laptop) Because when I convert to videofiles, they tend to get some streaks running across the image. And also I haven't balanced my props in this video :(
But I still got some good images during the video.

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Oh yeah... I was trying to reach some good altitude that day, with the newly aquired GPS Meter. It was hard spotting the right angle and postition of the plane, and also a bit windy :)
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Welcome to the forum Kristoffer. Nice to see you bringing back to life an old friend. Nice video as well.

Thank you :) Really bothers me about the video quality though. It's shot with Hero2 in Full HD. But for some reason my editor messes up the end product. Looking almost like reflections in the lense.
Also waiting for a prop-balancing kit :)


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I am so happy to read this! I have hours, upon hours of FPV enjoyment from my Twinstar :)

Thank you for sharing your experience... And keep flying!
Thanks.. Yeah, I never could sell mine. I really like the fact that I kept it for so many years and finally buildt something that works so good. And it's perfect for an entry in FPV..!
Had my first crash with it yesterday.. Got talked into flying in way too much windy conditions!
So kept it close to ground and hit an airpocket at the wrong moment.. Gonna need some glue and fresh paint, but fortunately none of the components were damaged :)