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my 1st combat wing

Ok I need some help I just started my 1st wing its 30" by 15" . I cut a flat spot for a pusher prop about 8" long. Whut I'm hopeing for is a nice park flyer some thing slow that I can learn on. But I still wont some power to help fight the wind.so whut id like is someone to tell me whut motor size pusher prop and Eec you would use? Any help would wonderfull thanks
I would go for something around 300 Watts. That would be a 30 amp esc and a motor rated for no more than 30amps with as kv of 1200 - 1400.


Hey, welcome back, Ninja! Haven't seen you around these parts in a while. Maybe me tuning up my Assassin this evening somehow drew you back? Ha ha.


More combat please...
Hahaha- had big plans for the winter and then never spent one night in my plane room.
Had to borrow a radio for the swarm last weekend.
Tune up the Assassin and bring it here so I can help you knock it back out of whack ;)


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
Gee Wiz there Mr earthsciteach... subtle self promotion of your little outing....

in July, for the weekend of the 20th...

By the way I got the time off.

The folded FFF wings with expansion foam filled leading edge makes a killer combat wing.