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My 1st Scratch Build (FUNBAT)


Gremlin on the Wing
Here are some photos of the Funbat a built last night. (Thanks Flitetest, Bloody Micks, Dave Powers!)

This is my idea to try to protect the motor in light crashes. I used a FG rod (white rod), set into CF tubes (short black tubes) that I embedded into the wing, so the rod can be removed if desired.



I tried experimenting with the foil, even though it is my first build, and I really don't know much about foils, or lift yet. I set the first bend at a sharp angle with CA (see photo below), and then after that cured I finished the fold. I also beveled, and removed more foam in the crease, than they instructed.

I made a break-away motor mount out of a couple of pieces of G-10, bamboo skewers, and a rubber band.

And here is the Fiberglass rod in place, I hope it serves to protect at least a little.




Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Yeah I have to agree there!
That is a genius motor mount if you can´t use a propsaver. You might just use both as well for the twice the crashresistance :D


Mad Canadian builder
Thanks, I think I saw it on one of Dave Powers vids, but I could not find it last night.
the motor mount Dave has is similar but yours has a simple elegance to it. It looks like it should work great, and the vid is called 3D Gyro AND Crash Testing! about 6 minutes in . Looks great keep it up!