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My 2020 project - Taft Viper


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I need a proper EDF plane in my life, one that has a decent undercarriage, awesome flight characteristics, impressive looks and something that I could afford.
Seeing this airframe kit for around £150 on Banggood I plumped for it.
No hardware is included so that means I can build it over several months, making it affordable on my meagre wage.
Have the EDF and ESC unit on the way, have bought a suitable gear sequencer unit.
Next payday I will get the undercarriage set and the receiver.
The payday after that, the digital servos and other bits and bobs.
Finally the flight batteries as 5000 6S LiPos are not exactly cheap :)
Anyway....that's the plan and hopefully before the end of summer it will be stretching it's massive wings.
For now....I'm looking at this beautiful airframe and longing to get going.
IMG_20200520_174315913_HDR.jpg IMG_20200520_174326669.jpg IMG_20200520_174343743.jpg IMG_20200520_174420495.jpg


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ive been looked on the same plane, close to buyed many times :) , but after seen "all crazy" stuff aviator constructors did at start of jet/rocket age, i will rather want something unusual "warbird- style" form either Russian of italian origin . (i belive)

Nice "speedy jet design on that plane you choosed!