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My attempt at simple ground station

I use 900 Mhz so my patch antenna needs to be near the ground, according to IBCrazy. I built a little box for which the lid is the patch antenna. I used friction hinges, which allow me to angle the antenna wherever I want, and it'll stay there without any other mechanism. The inside of the box has room for the vRx, battery, and cable stowage.

IMAG0217.jpg IMAG0218.jpg IMAG0222.jpg
Yeah that's cool. I need to put something together, at the moment my base station consists of a mess of wires and gaffa tape.
Setup instructions;
1. go to park
2. try to untangle mess of wires
3. Tape receiver to goal post
4. Tape battery to goal post
5. hope tape hold everything in place while flying.

Once I've finished my Zephyr build I'll work on a base station. I'm thinking of 3 meters of PVC pipe (cut into pieces so it will fit into the car) as a pole and a star picket into the ground with the pipe slipped over the top.