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My Baby Cub....its my baby.


User of Gorilla Glue
Its official name is the Hobby Zone Mini Super Cub. It is a great plane for the beginner, or the person who just wants a good little plane. It does hate windy days but i personally don't care about wind......I just take it as a challenge! I also dont care about wind because this little guy is invincible. I have nose dived, cart wheeled, and even ran into a brick wall with it and the only damage on the plane is a scratch on the wing and a slight bend in the prop shaft......which i should fix at some point...still flies great though.
But anyways its a great little plane, and i think the flitetest guys should try it out soon.

I have modified my cub as you can see below. I added some designs on the wing and rudders.I also added struts to the rear elevator and rudder. I just added those to add some rigididty. Also made some skis for my piper.....then it was in the low 60's the next day, but it was worth it.



I, along with another teacher, ran a RC airplane club at the middle school where I taught last year. I moved up to high school this year. One of our kids has modified his mini-cub to a 4 channel plane with a bigger motor. It really is a blast to fly. He hit me in the head with it, once. That hurt.

Me, the other teacher I ran the club with, another teacher at my school and the kid with the modded mini-cub are meeting to fly tomorrow morning. Two maidens - thrust vectored F-16 and my scratchbuilt fpv wing. Good times!