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My edition of "Other hobbies" spun off from other threads on this topic.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Any feed back from people who are actually reading this? We are about to hit the point where team designations will be used a lot so let me know if Alpha 1 thru Alpha 5 is good or if you may want me to come up with last names to use as with regular military and not covert nameless teams?


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Alpha 1-5 works fine for me. I don't remember names well anyway. I get the feeling there will not be a lot of character building for these team members, so something like a name isn't really necessary to get you to connect to them personally. Alpha 1-5 gives us the information we need to follow; it spells out who is on what team and specifies which individual it is.
If you feel strongly about adding names there's nothing stopping you from changing it; either using last names like you suggested, or maybe having the author give each a nickname?


Wake up! Time to fly!
@Tench745 Thanks for the input mate and thanks for actually reading this.(y)(y)

Im kickin a new project around in my head to start writing on again. Im not sure if I want to dive right in or do some free writing for a bit to get into that flow again. Two ideas in mind are a fantasy thing about a world I came up with back in my D&D days and the other a psycho thriller thing based on the strangeness that floats around in my own head but thats more a self exploration thing and probably not good for public consumption lest I be locked away in an icecream suit hehe.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Gangs installment 6 permalink

15-4-2043 Mid afternoon

"Put yer big girl panties on ladies the partys about to start!" "Alpha two Port side door!"
"Alpha five Starboard!" "Rest of you Man up Front and Center NOW!" I felt the cradle grab the ship
and lock it in. Billy slides in front of me and says keep your eyes forward and your head low. If I
move I wanna feel your breath on my neck. Now keep up and do nothing utill I do. Follow My lead.

Now the real Billy comes out. Confident, very much in control, more so then even the Team
leader himself. He is geared up in a full set of Salamander that is riddled with many laser burns
that tell the story of experience with out a word. Not one split second of hesitation in his
movements and he is at the door right next to the teams scout quickly scanning the interior of the
place we have docked. Just like this scenario was written in a script somewhere Billy snatches
the scout by the chin of his helmet and spins him three hundred sixty degrees and rolls him off to
his left as his right arm brings the AS-147 to his shoulder. Billy returns fire in the direction the
laser beam that just flashed thru the place where the scouts head was not half a second before.
A huge flash emits from about 30 meters in the direction Billy shot. He points to the right and up
towards the ceiling of the small room we are in. The Team leader barks an order and two members
split to the right to take out the turret by the bay doors. Another finger points out a group of three
drones advancing as Billy begins putting rounds into the breast plate of the lead bot. I immediately
bring my Justy to the ready and squeeze off four rounds into the same drone. It drops in a display
of sparks and flames that would rival any small town Fourth of July celebration.

BOOM!!!! a loud explosion and blinding flash fills the room when the gun turret explodes
taking a HUGE pile of ordnance stacked not far away with it. By now the remaining members of the team
along with Billy and myself have dropped the last of the initial attacking drones. After 30 seconds
of leap frogging along the wall it is determined the room is clear. For how long we have no idea.
In the rear of this room is a glowing sphere that I can only assume is a teleporter since it
is almost identical of the new televators in the malls around Eudoria. Four huge crates are lined
up side by side giving perfect cover for us to secure the televator from. As Billy and the Team leader
confer about our next move the other soldiers are checking each other over for obvious damage and to
make sure there are no exposed areas in their armor to leave them vulnerable to attack. After that
they reload new clips and check amplifiers to make sure enough power is available for an extended
fire fight.

The decision is made that we all pass through the televator at the same time so all available
offense is in the same spot. Each team member is assigned a direction to move and a position to take
once at the place the televator puts us. The nice thing about a televator is multiple objects can be
moved at once not like the old portals when the technology first developed.

As I materialize I move to the right two meters and set in a crouched position gun ready,
scanning the area, and awaiting the next order. A hallway 30 meters long is straight ahead of me no
signs of movement. The team splits and each half works its way along the wall moving in unison so we
do not get far enough apart we can not cover each other. At the end of this hallway it opens into a
huge circular room. From where i am I can see one passageway leading off to the right almost at the
exact ninety degree mark of the circle. Two drones are moving in our direction pushing another of
those big boxes on a hovering container lifting devise. They have not seen us yet so we pull back a
little to let them get closer so it might be possible to disable them quietly.

Just before they make their turn up the hallway we are in Billy points to the left of the crate and
signals for me to crouch along side and let it pass before attacking the drone on my side.
I drop low and did not really have to move as the crate glides past me. As I see the end of the box
the Justifier automatically settles into my shoulder, I stand up putting the barrel to the bots head
and squeeze off a round. Sparks fly all over as an acidic smell fills the air as the drone drops.
Immediately after that I focus on the other drone just as Billy lets loose a single blp round. The
bots head literally vaporizes before my eyes.

As my sight slowly readjusts after the blinding flashes I feel two of the soldiers push past
me knocking me into the crate. This forces it in a new direction towards the wall. Upon impact the
crate rolls over and off the carrier. When it hits the ground on its side the lid pops open and
several strange weapons and what looks to be a harness I have never seen before. By the time my eyes
fully focus on it a purplish vapor begins to pour out of the box and the weapons and armor
immediately start to melt.

Surprisingly those were the only resistance we encountered on this level. Only two small
rooms off either side of the circle, one containing five of the crates we have seen, and the other a
third televator. Again the decision is made to group port with the same position assignments.