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My fail for the week.

Ok so I've never had a servo tester, and broke down and bought a $6 job from ebay. Fooled with it for a few hours then put it away until I was ready to center the servos for my Golden Goose build. What I didn't pay attention to was the orientation of the balance plug I was using (yeah I know) to power the tester. And of course, I had both of my flap servos plugged in... The split second that it took me to realize my half metal digital Dynam reversed servos don't have an internal LED was enough time to smoke the motors (with the smoked clear casings they actually did light up like a lantern).
So the brilliant man than I am, figured out I had cross wired the tester. I took off my servos, plugged the battery back in (correctly)... and decided I should test those two illuminating servos. Of course the second I plugged them in, the tester sizzled, LEDs went out, and nothing... SO now I've got two dead flap servos (thank goodness I had another matching reversed pair) and a smoked servo tester.
Long story short, don't use 3 s balance plugs to power your tester if you're a dip-wad like myself. I've dedicated an old 300 mah drone 1s which i put a Futaba J end on just to be sure I don't burn up my next one. I'm more disappointed in the servos than I was the tester... this was going to be their maiden! :(


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I was a big fan of the $1 AA serial cell holder with a JST connector, but that was before I bought components to make a DIY current limiting power supply for my bench projects. Might be excessive, but I love the flexibility and not having to scrounge around for batteries.


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Or do as I do plug in the servo tester battery BEFORE any of my servos, connecting backwards to the servo tester will not hurt it just tell if your battery is connected properly.


Winter is coming
Just saw this posted on my twitter feed and had to come back here in case anyone wanted ideas for a battery pack:

This one is a 3D printed case for a 3 pack, but got me thinking that instead of buying one of those $1 battery cases, you could also make your own, and indeed there is already a model for one such:


I used one of these (but had to make my own by adding a connector -- wish I had found pre-made ones, but really don't need 5 of them):
I lost ASW28 and 2Mobius yesterday because I lost sight of it.

Its lost somewhere between my location and the village Bassenheim (in Germany). Since the area is pretty big and difficult to search I couldnt find it. Maybe today.
maxresdefault.jpg lost.jpg


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@CarolineTyler had mentioned in one of her other posts about using a USB charger and solder on the right connector. Inspired by that, I'm planning on using a cheap portable USB battery pack that I got for free from some exhibition; I still need to cut and solder the connector to a USB cable to fit the servo tester.