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My Film about RC Planes and Nerf Guns


Made this short video back in July of this year, about our recent experiment with RC Planes and Nerf Guns. The funny part was the Nerf bullets really had no damaging effect on hitting either the planes or Quadcopter, even at extremely close range.

The actual Quad in the video was a fully functioning Quad with a remote firing Nerf gun attached to it's belly! The Semi-automatic gun was connected to the trigger via a servo, which was programmed to go from ready to full triggered depressed and then return back to ready via a button on the radio.


Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ezjigwAjTs



creator of virtual planes
Doesn't work for me either. YouTube did this to one of my videos too. When I click play, it'll act like it played the video. Like it thinks the video is only 1 second (if that) long. I never bothered trying to fix my video, but you might have to re-upload this one.

Sorry about the issues, there was definitely an issue playing the videos overnight, but I have tried a number of different machines and browsers and it appears to be working now...

I followed through with the YouTube support, but only got some basic troubleshooting steps about clearing cookies etc etc...

If the issues continue, I'll look into an alternative method for publishing the video..



Dedicated foam bender
Did you just try reloading it? I had the Tube do this to one of mine. A delete and reupload fixed it. Don't bother with support, most of them seem to know less than the users...


creator of virtual planes
It's working now. No need to apologize. I had the same thing happen to one of my videos. I double checked my video that wasn't working and it's working again. I didn't do anything to it. I think this is just a problem YouTube has once in a while.

Great video! Nice story line, lots of angles, not too long. Looks like a great time. But I'd hate to be the one that has to clean up and find all of those Nerf bullets.

Funny you mentioned the pickups, I estimated over the three days of filming, and each time a plane went up, we were picking up approx 100-150 nerf bullets/discs from the guns being fired. That we must have picked up approx 1,500 Nerf bullets/dics.

The price we pay for having too much fun...