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My first full faom scratch build


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My first full foam scratch build

This is my first scratch build. I have choosen to go with the Silent Mite. (plans easy to find on Google).

During the build I made some custom alterations and Used Depron for the most part (instead of EPP).

Lets go to the first pics :)

Printed plans and prepairing

First part of the build: the fusalage (tbh, I recomend using EPP for the sides, these are better manageable for bends)

more soon :)
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more pics!





Just waiting for my order from hobby King now, need to place 2 servo's for the rudder and aileron...
Can't wait to test it out (and maybe crash the hell out of it?)


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Did the maiden today, after putting the lipo a bit more back it flew pretty nice.
This video is before I relocated the lipo, as you can see it's very nose heavy.

I used a parkfly prop (8 x 4) instead and this was also better.

And tbh, Duct Tape is awesome for hinges, after seeing a real plane build out of duct tape fly (Mythbusters!!), I thought why not. Seems to work fine!
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