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My First GoPro Flight Video

I bought a GoPro Hero Naked last weekend. Love the camera! I used it for the first time on this flight of my Phoenix EP sailplane. It was formerly known as the Aspire EP but it had extreme crash (wings ripped off and nose dived at about 300 feet) and rebuild so now it's the "Phoenix".

I'm currently scratch-building a plane made exclusively for camera work using the GoPro as the FPV camera *and* recording simultaniously. The new plane will have the prop behind the wing so there's none of that annoying spinning prop messing up the view.

Here's my video (music is Men in Black by Danny Elfman which has been lowered in pitch with Audacity BUT...YouTube still detected and flagged it for copyright infringement so it may not be up much longer :p ):

Looked good. :cool: Thanks for sharing. By the way Vimeo currently does not give you a hassle about Copyright legal mumbo jumbo. Also will allow others outside of the US to view your video. :)


More combat please...
Looks Great Cracker-
I didn't have the sunny day like you did but I couldn't resist trying my Naked Hero out this weekend too.
Squirrely take off and fought with the trims at the beginning but fun anyway.
It's long and boring- feel free to fast forward to the tree confrontation at 12:50 :)